Our Company

VA Leasing Corporation is a company established over 25 years ago in the state of New York. Today VA Leasing Corp is able to do business anywhere in the state of florida, the west and the east coast.

We are a locally owned and operated independent leasing company. We believe in taking the time to explore leasing options, compare lease scenarios and secure approval for the your next exotic automobile lease. Our conservative approach to residuals and the flexible nature of our leases results in satisfied customers and repeat business with the dealerships.

Mision and Vision

Our mission is to provide out of the box vehicle leasing services to individual and companies in both a professional and personalized manner resulting in the best structure for the lessee, all the while never foregoing the highest standard of integrity.

Over the years, VA Leasing Corp has followed a path of consistent simplicity in our lease programs thus enabling our knowledgeable agents to find the optimal financing options for anyone with the desire to drive an exotic car. We have forged strong relationships with the nations top auto dealerships and have educate dealership personnel an their clients as to the latest features in leasing.